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Question 1: [30 marks]

Search the web to find out what are the latest releases of “Samsung galaxy” and
“Apple IPhone”, available in the market, and answer the following questions:
a) What are the killer features of both models? (Three features at least, do not
forget to cite your reference). [10 marks]
b) Apple IPhone model claims a resolution of 326 ppi, how would you verify this
claim? [10 marks]
c) Now, if you have to get the same resolution but using a TV screen of size in
pixels 1600*1200, what would be the size of this screen in inches? Discuss your
results. [10 marks]
Question 2: [30 marks]
In your course material two types of Web applications architectures were proposed,
answer the following:
a) State and explain them briefly. [10 marks]
b) Compare the two architectures using a table (the comparison should include at
least four features). [16 marks]
c) For each architecture give an example of a web business that suits it better.
Justify your answer. [4 marks]
Question 3: [40 marks]
Suppose that you have to create a web site for flight tickets reservation. Your web site
should contain at least two pages; the first page is a welcoming page that contains the
banner of the company, with some introductory information to represent the company.
In addition, the page contains image gallery to promote flight destinations (at least
four), and finally a navigation panel to move between pages. The second page should
contain the same navigation panel and a reservation form in which the user should
type the name and choose the destination from a drop down list, and to precise the
number of adult passengers and children. By the end of the transaction, the web site
will estimate the cost price of this flight trip.
What to submit?
a) Your site design using pencil images (an image for each page). [10 marks]
b) The required CSS code. [5 marks]
c) The complete html or xhtml code of the site. [10 marks]
d) The java script code used in calculating the cost price. [10 marks]
e) A snapshot of your web site. [5 marks]
End of TMA
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