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Question One (12 Marks)
Given the following table which shows the calculations of the number of possible permutations of r objects from a set of n.
Use the below table to answer the following questions.
n = 12
n = 10
n = 8
n = 6
r = 2
r = 3
r = 4
a) Create a column chart taking into account the following chart options. (Paste the chart in the TMA file taking into consideration that all the following points are clear in the pasted version.)
1) A column chart
2) The x-axis represents the values of n. (1 Mark)
3) Series represents the values of r (r = 2, r = 3, r = 4) (3 Marks)
4) Write a chart title. (1 Mark)
5) Write a title for the x-axis. (1 Mark)
6) Write a title for the y-axis. (1 Mark)
7) Legend position in right. (1 Mark)
b) Change the scale of y-axis in the column chart (the answer of part a) to be in logarithmic scale, then display the resulted column chart. (4 Marks)
Arab Open University
Faculty of Computer Studies
Computing and Information Technology Department
T175: Networked living: Exploring Information and Communication technologies
Question Two (28 Marks)
Part 1 of Block 4 discussed telehealth for providing clinical health care at a distant. Telecardiology is a category of telemedicine field.
Search the web and answer the following questions:
a) Define telecardiology? (2 Marks)
b) List the two ways for transmitting the electrocardiography (ECG) signal and echocardiography image? (4 Marks)
c) Why telecardiology system in developed countries such as United Sates and United Kingdom are more reliable and sustainable? (10 Marks)
Hint: your answer should have five reasons
d) Mention three advantages of telecardiology? (6 Marks)
e) The telecardiology transmits ECG signal and echocardiography image over different types of telecommunication technologies, give four examples on these telecommunication technologies? (4 Marks)
f) List two references you have used in telecardiology. (Wikipedia is not counted) (2 Marks)
End of Questions

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