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  حل واجب B325 spring 2016

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حل واجب B325 spring 2016

Faculty of Business Studies
Arab Open University

Managing Across Organizational & Cultural Boundaries B325

Tutor Monitoring Assignment
Spring 2016

This TMA has four questions. Read through the attached article: “Segil, L. (n.d.). Can this Partnership be Saved? Getting an Alliance Back on Track.Harvard Management Communication Letter.Tools, Techniques, and Ideas for the Articulated Executive.Article Reprint No. C0410B.

All questions should be answered. You are supposed to answer each question in 500 words.Only a 10% deviation from the word count limit is acceptable.Critical discussion and link between theoretical frameworks and the article should be clearly highlighted. You are also expected to refer to external references to provide more evidence to your discussion. The questions in this assignment are about different concepts of collaboration that might help to achieve collaborative advantage or collaborative inertia.


The outcome of any alliance can be either success or failure. In the first instance, the alliance achieves collaborative advantage, and in the second, it achieves collaborative inertia. The article in hand discusses whether an alliance that reaches collaborative inertia should be saved or not.

Question 1(25 Marks)

Based on B325 course material, define collaborative advantage and collaborative inertia. Identify the main bases of collaboration and goal setting that need to be put in place for a collaboration to reach collaborative advantage. With reference to the article, and by reflecting on what you have discussed from B325 course material, identify what can go wrong with collaboration for it to reach collaborative inertia and what actions can be taken to restore the situation (500 words).

Question 2 (25 Marks)

Goal setting is very important for any collaboration. However, it can have its negative effects. Based on B325 course material, discuss the main outcomes of overprescribing goals. Reflect on the contents of the article and suggest what can be done to restore the situation (500 words).

Question 3 (25 Marks)

Discussthe importance of trust for collaboration. Based on B325 course material, identify the main elements that need to be present to build, rebuild and sustain trust in collaborative ventures. Identify from the article’s content the main aspects that can lead to mistrust and what can be done to rebuild trust (500 words).

Question 4(25 Marks)

Leadership media allow collaboration to work more efficiently. Based on B325 course material, discuss the three leadership media. With reference to the contents of the article, identify how the absence of these media can hinder collaborations. Include in your answer consideration as to the way such media were restored in the example the article provides (500 words).

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حل واجب B325 spring 2016
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