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Part 1 [10 marks]
Use the common forum in LMS, in TU170 page, to initiate a discussion and to share your ideas with your classmates about one of the following topics:
 Specialized application
 Internet uses
 Networks and their types
You should provide screenshots (NOT copy and paste) of all the thread messages in your solution for this part. The thread must contain at least ten messages; five of them should be yours.
Part 2 [8 marks]
1. What is the difference between the internet and the web? [4 marks]
2. What is the difference between webcasting and podcasting? Give an example of each. [4 marks]
For each question you must use your own words, within the range of 80-120 word count.
Part 3 [6 marks] In your LMS use the e-library, or search engines, to search about Netiquette.
For this part you are required to:
 Copy at least two paragraph from any source selected. [1 mark]
 Provide the reference of your source. It must be a link directing the user to the source. [1 mark]
 Provide two screenshots of:
 List of hits (the result that contains the keyword). [2 mark]
 The source you have selected. [2 mark]
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Part 4 [8 marks]
1. Use MS Excel and the values in figure 1 to create two charts:
- A column chart representing the number of Internet Users against each country.
- A line graph representing the percentage of Internet Users in each country (note: you need to calculate percentages first).
For this part, you need to provide ONLY screenshots of the two charts. You may refer to Lab2 tutorials to provide informative charts. [4 marks]
Figure 1: Top 10 Countries by Population and ICT Penetration in 2013.
Source: http://nextbillion.net/csr-fail-why-its-time-for-a-bop-tech-revolution
2. Open your email (if you don’t have an email account, you can create a new one using one of the webmail providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail). Send an email to your tutor’s email address describing what are the computer essentials, knowledge, skills that you gained from studying the course TU170. You should use your own words.
For this question, you should provide one screenshot of the email sent to your tutor. [4 marks]
 Sending an email to your tutor without providing a screenshot will not be counted when marking this question.
 You should use your email account to send the email.
 Minimum word count required for this part is 80.
TMA presentation [8 marks]
The TMA word document must satisfy the following:
 Header contains student’s name and id
Page 4 / 4
 Page numbering
 Page borders
 No grammar and spelling mistakes
How to submit the TMA
 Submit ONLY one word file contains your full solution for this TMA
 Name your TMA file as studentId_firstName_ surna

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