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Summer Semester 2015/2016
Tutor-Marked Assignment (TMA)

Cut-Off Date: 20/08/2016
Total Marks: 40

Question One (21 Marks)
(Based on Block 1) consider the following description of an ICT system:

An ICT system has the following description: A computer and a laptop are communicated to each other via a wireless network. The users of computer and laptop can access their accounts on yahoo server via Internet in order to check their email addresses. The laptop is connected into a printer via an infrared in order to print out papers.

a) Draw a system map for the above ICT system? (10.5 Marks)

b) Draw a block diagram for the above ICT system? (10.5 Marks)

Question Two (19 Marks)
Search the web to answer the following.

a) What is the abbreviation of fourth generation mobile system? (1 Mark)

b) list four key features (primarily from users’ points of view) of fourth generation mobile networks? (8 Marks)

c) Mention two applications of fourth generation system? (4 Marks)

d) Give two advantages of fourth generation system? (4 Marks)

e) List any two references on fourth generation system. (Wikipedia is not counted) (2 Marks)

End of Questions

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واجب الصيفي t175a
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