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 A230A: Reading and Studying Literature 1

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Shakespeare crafted the character of Iago in a complex way that caused critics to differ greatly when interpreting the role he plays in the tragedy Othello. A.C. Bradley notes that the tragedy is “the undoing of the noble Moor by the devilish cunning of Iago,” while literary critic F. R. Leavis strongly attacks the Bradley view, asserting that “[t]he plain fact is that in Shakespeare’s tragedy of Othello Othello is the chief personage – the chief personage in such a sense that the tragedy may fairly be said to be Othello’s character in action. Iago is subordinate and merely ancillary.” In view of these conflicting views elaborated by Bradley and Leavis, discuss (using relevant quotations and examples from the play) the role Iago plays in bringing about this tragedy: How
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does Iago’s behavior play out in the play? How do the different characters in the play view his actions and behaviors? Are they bluffed and fooled by his manipulative character? To what extent can we blame Iago for the destruction of the tragic hero, Othello? Is Iago driven by his pure destructive wickedness or are his purposes justifiable? Does Iago’s behavior echo Venetian prejudices and intolerance towards Othello, the Moor who managed to occupy a very prestigious and critical place in their society? In your opinion, what did Shakespeare intend the character of Iago to represent in the play?

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A230A: Reading and Studying Literature 1
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